Year 1987    
Hardware OCS
Publisher Omnitrend
Developer Omnitrend
Category Strategy / Wargame
This versions languages
What's in the BOX ?
1 Disk(s) | Game Manual | envelope: Top Secret | sheet(offer and order): Breach Scenario Disk | sheet(advert): We Want You - Vidcom (bbs-service) | card: Registration
! Game was designed & written by: Bill Leslie and Thomas Carbone. Their CV is written on page 1 of the game manual:

Tom Carbone (1960-) was born in Dayton, Ohio and eventually moved to Simsbury, Connecticut. He went on to form Omnitrend Software in 1979 after purchasing one of the original Heathkit H8 computers. He earned a mathematics/computer sience degree from the University of Hartford. He co-authored Universe, Universe II, and Breach. His hobbies include foreign high performance automobiles, Star Trek, nightclubbing, and buying temperamental complex electronic gadgets to replace simple mechanical ones wich didn't need replacing in the first place.

Bill Leslie (1964-) grew up in Simsbury, Connecticut. He attended CCSU. He joined Omnitrend in 1982 and co-authored Universe, Universe II, and Breach. His hobbies include camping, showing up late to work, arguing with Mr.Carbone about who has the better foreign high performance automobile, scince fiction, and mixed drinks.