Round the Bend !
Year 1991    
Hardware OCS,ECS
Publisher Impulze
Category Platform
This versions languages
Multilingual English
What's in the BOX ?
1 Disk(s) | Game Manual (contains an eight-sided comic in Egnlish only)
! Round the Bend was a British children's television series, which ran for three seasons on Children's ITV from 1989 to 1991. Round the Bend was a parody of Saturday morning magazine shows - with a host providing linking material between cartoons, music videos and news sections - albeit set in a sewer. The anarchic tone of the show and its parody cartoons was similar to that of Viz (comic).
The title of the show is a reference to a toilet U-bend, with the opening titles beginning with the camera being flushed down a toilet and ending up in a sewer.(s:wiki)