Shoot-'Em-Up Construction Kit
Year 1989    
Hardware OCS
Publisher Palace
Developer IDS
Category Construction Kit / (Shoot 'em-up)
This versions languages
English German German
What's in the BOX ?
2 Disk(s) | Game Manual | advert: Product Catalog - Palace. Outlaw, Delphine Software
! Shoot'Em-Up Construction Kit (aka: SEUCK) was a "construction kit" for the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST created by Sensible Software and published by Outlaw (part of Palace Software) in 1987. It allowed the user to make simple shoot-em-ups by drawing sprites and backgrounds and edit attack patterns. The advertising promoted the Kit with the phrase "By the programmers of Wizball and Parallax".(s:wiki)

The Kit came with demonstration games to show you what could be done. The Amiga version includes a games disk (disk 2) containing 3 shoot-'em-ups : Space Hawk, Blood 'N' Bullets, Psychoblast, created using the construction kit.