Subbuteo : The Computer Game
Year 1990    
Hardware OCS,ECS
Publisher Electronic Zoo
Developer Goliath
Category Sport 'n Games
This versions languages
English German English
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1 Disk(s) | Game Manual | flyer/advert: Subbuteo Products
! Subbuteo is a set of board games simulating team sports such as football (soccer), cricket, both codes of rugby and hockey. The name is most closely associated with the football game, which for many years was marketed as "the replica of Association Football".
Playing Subbuteo is a physical simulation of the sport, involving dexterity and skill in flicking the playing pieces, which stand on weighted bases, across the tabletop mat towards the ball, which is oversized and stands nearly as high as the players.

Subbuteo's prominence as a significant part of the game-playing youth of Britain - particularly in the 1970s and '80s - is demonstrated by various references to it in the pop culture of the last couple of decades.(wiki)