Year 1990    
Hardware OCS
Publisher Rainbow Arts
Developer Factor 5
Category Platform / Shoot 'em-up
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What's in the BOX ?
1 Disk(s) | Game Manual | Poster and Levelmap in one | advert: Rainbow Arts - Autumn 1990 | card: Registration
! Referring to Manfred Trenz (Factor 5) the source of game title "Turrican" was an entry in the telephone register of the city Düsseldorf (Germany).

! The first Demo of Turrican I for the C64 was published under the name "Hurrican".

! The titelscreen artwork has been inspired by the CD Cover (Kings of Metal) of famous heavy-metal Band ManoWar.
prequel to:   Turrican II
prequel to:   Turrican III
prequel to:   Turrican III [V2]